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Best Weekly Score – Wells wins

Week 21 provided all of the Season’s Best Weekly Scores for this season. Emma Wells collected the winner’s prize with 128 points, 3 ahead of Ben Guarino.

Top 10 Best Weekly Scores
1. Emma Wells, week 21, 128 points
2. Ben Guarino, week 21, 125
3. Barry Plummer, week 21, 122
4. Peter Godfrey, week 21, 121
5. Richard Nathan, week 21, 120
6. Ashley Blake, week 21, 118
7. Tim Harris, week 21, 117
8. Paul Hodges, week 21, 116
9. Max King, week 21, 113
10= Andrew Mitchell, week 21, 112
10= Stuart Wolstenholme, week 21, 112


Worst weekly score – Rutts and Trev share

We are getting better kind off. The second season in a row where no one collected a negative score. We haven’t, but I feel we almost had a Best Weekly Score of 7 once, and this Season’s Worst Weekly Score of 3 was shared between Brian Rutter and Trevor Fairweather. The scores came in different weeks, but week 27 did conceive most of the lowest scores.

In 3rd place was our good friend Neville White.

Here are the top Worst Weekly Scores:

Top 10 Worst Weekly Scores
1= Brian Rutter, week 27, 3 points
1= Trevor Fairweather, week 32, 3 points
3. Neville White, week 32, 4 points
4= Brian Rutter, week 32, 6 points
4= Harry McCarthy, week 27, 6 points
6= Richard Brown, week 25, 7 points
6= Rob Munden, week 27, 7 points
6= Barry Plummer, week 27, 7 points
6= Neil Bixby, week 27, 7 points
6= Ian France, week 27, 7 points

Photograph of the week

One of the best ever goals. On for just over two minutes Gareth Bale scored a remarkable overhead goal to put Real Madrid 2-1 up over Liverpool before keeper Loris Karius second dreadful error seals Champions League victory for Bale and Madrid.

Black Magic

Guinness eggsN&R Premier League – Final standings

Guinness & Black claim their second N&R League Title in four years after successfully holding on to their long time lead in the last week. Previous champ 2Inifnity $ beyond finished runner up and N&R Cup Winner Paul and To be Coutinhoed came 3rd.

4th and 5th were previous champions Woody’s Round Up and Hannoi Utd with late arrivals Warsaw United claiming an excellent 6th.

Also arriving like an inter city was Gooner win League who nicked 7th, after only one previous week in the top 8 all season. Great effort from Neil, another previous champion.

Last year’s runner up Too Bigg to Fail grabbed the last prized place with Simply Loveleh and Loads of Roubles missing out.

Not a Poch to p1ss in survived relegation as did Sweats 11, but Gooner be this year fell as did Blink-1Eto’o and Where’s Whalley, all each should have done better.

Less surprising relegations after poor seasons were WembAlli Way, Bale Madrid, Jimmy Floyd Bottlebank, Atletico Hoxton, Tanks Tinkering Tankers, While Mkhitaryan sleeps, Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner, Monkeys Chimps, Permatan, Catch me if you CAN and Bilic or Bust and Crouch Potato who took it in turns to hold up the table.

The Hope lives

N&R Championship – Final standings

Despite a strong challenge from Pun three, The No Hopers hung on to claim the N&R Championship title with 20 points to spare. Congratulations to Michael, who led for 38 weeks and was a deserved winner. Pun three will collect the runners up prize after a great season and Game of Throw In’s 3rd. 4th was tied between Many of Horror and Chiellini Con Carne, who had a strong finish to the season.

Keep the faith, ably caretaker managed by Jim Bristow, finished 6th. Then storming into 6th in the last week was Nothing up front who finished ahead of Kansas City Blues and Iron Born, who miss out on the prize money.

Promoted to the N&R top table was Jose Jose Jose, who occupied a top 6 place for so long, Johno’s Lions, Stiffsters, Your Mums Fit Sociedad, Watsons Wonderers and thank heavens Nobby’s Cheer up the sun is red.

Missing out by 10 points was Addington Bears.

Relegated was Well and Truly Rogered, Expected Toulouse and What a load of Ballacks, who each struggled for the majority of the season. Exeter Gently and Robbo’s Reds didn’t but still go down as does such legendary N&R names of Razorinho, Snap Tackle Pop and Borrussia Teeth.

2 more year fall to the lowest level as did Farcelona a year after being promoted, Show me the Mane, Sevilla Lack of talent, Bingo, Dirty Sanchez and Boom Xhakalaka who finished last.

Some big name managers dropping down to the N&R Conference.

RR – Like nothing else on earth

N&R Conference – Final standings

That’s embarrassing held on to the spot that he first flew into in week 10, so Richard a fully deserved winner of the N&R Conference. In 2nd was Brighter Brighton Blues, father and son Paul and Christian, who I had the pleasure of their company last night. They nipped into 2nd in week 39 ahead of 3rd place finisher Lollygagging Millionaires.

Old faves To Elland Back were 4th, Lovejoy Luvvies 5th and newbies Phuket Pineapples who finished 6th.

Boys on tour restart their tour of the higher leagues after ending in 7th and the last prize money place was grabbed by The only people we hate more than the Romans are the f Judean People’s Front.

So prize monies amongst others needed to be exchanged into US Dollars, Euros, Chilean pesos, Thai baht and whatever Kennett uses in Folkestone. I assume I have to assume the risk of the exchange rates….

Promotion went to Mann United, AJ FC, Substandard Leige, Deepdale Ducks, Georgia’s Greats, Hammernation and Real Ale Madrid, who sneaked back ahead of Algarve Eagles in week 41 to consign Barry to another season in the bottom tier.

Talking about bottom, or arses, in 32nd place and in fact, 96th place was No Points Nev. Walcocks FC finished 2nd bottom 50 points ahead.

Danny boy

Manager of the Week – Week 41

Only the one game this week of course, Blue is the colour and all that, but therefore no weekly N&R prize but just honour for Danny Rose as he collected a pretty impressive 32 points, thanks to a tranche of subs last week. Dan finished 8 ahead of Steve Black who cantered over the line to claim the title.

Other mentions should go to Will Jackson 22, Neil Reynolds 20, John Button 20 and Mark Dewberry 20.