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What it all means

Right deep breath..

The 2017/18 N&R FL will be split into three divisions – N&R Premier League, N&R Championship and N&R Conference with 32 teams in each. The larger cash prizes will be for the winner and placings in the N&R Premier League, and the winner of that will be the ultimate N&R FL Champion (so not necessary the manager with the most points overall).

There will be cash prizes for the top 8 N&R Premier League placings. The bottom 15 teams will get relegated to the N&R Championship. The winner of the N&R Championship will get a trophy as well as cash and there will be cash prizes for the top 8 finishers. The top 15 teams will get promoted. The bottom 15 in the N&R Championship will get relegated to the N&R Conference.

The winner of the N&R Conference will win a trophy and a cash prize and cash prizes will be given to the top 8 managers. The top 15 will be promoted.

There are a whole host of other prizes including Manager of the Week (MoW), which will again include two Golden MoW’s plus a one time Platinum MoW.

Then there is the much sought after Team Challenge Trophy, the famous N&R Cup, three individual N&R League Cups, Ready’s Benfleet Bet will start with the FA Cup, plus there are end of season prizes for the manager with the second worse overall score, we call that the Penultimate Prize and in our 22nd year, there will be a prize for the 22nd Best overall score.

Best weekly score and Worst weekly score at season end will win a prize plus we also give one to the manager that had the Best Original Pick, i.e. the highest point scoring manager if we were made to stick with our teams just chosen.

And possibly other stuff and oddments as we go through the season.

Photograph of the week

The newest chapter of the Wayne Rooney and Everton was a fairy tale as Rooney’s match-winning header helped the home side to their first opening day success in five seasons.

Transfer deadline reminder

Unlike the Premier League who are thinking of stopping transfers during the season – read here.

We allow transfers throughout the season. These are the things to remember:

A reminder of the N&R FL transfer rules:

* You can make a maximum of 12 transfers during the season.
* The weekly deadline is Tuesday at 6pm GMT. No exceptions
* Players changed before the deadline will be available for any games that night.
* If the deadline is missed, they won’t be available until the following Tuesday.
* Email me your transfers to both and This is important.
* At all times your team cannot exceed £50m in value.
* You can change formations at any time but they players have to play in their listed position and the formations need to be one of: 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 3-4-3, 5-3-2, 3-5-2 or 4-5-1
* We will regularly send out a player list, obviously it is regularly updated particularly after a transfer deadline. But always check the link on the left of the Blog.
* If you lose your team, then we have it.


The first of the season. Thanks as always to Mark Simmons.

This year we have 96 teams so a possible 1,152 transfers in total over the course of the season.

Within the 96 teams we have 1,056 players, with players picked from every PL team. The most popular being:

1. Spurs 190
2. Man Utd 144
3. Man City 111
4. Liverpool 104

The least popular are:

1. Watford 3
2= Leicester 9
2= Brighton 9

There were 169 different players picked and the most popular are:

1. Harry Kane 66
2. Romelu Lukaku 60
3. Kevin De Bruyne 44
4. Dele Alli 40
5. Sadio Mane 38

There are 61 players that have only been picked by 1 manager.

And finally the amount managers have spent on Defence (incl keepers), Midfield and Strikers varies greatly:

Defence from 10.5 to 23.1m
Midfield from 10.5 to 25.4m
Strikers from 11.0 to 20.8m


96 of you lucky buggers for this season then. Mostly old, some even older but a little sprinkling of new. So welcome for the first time to Nino Cifelli from Aon Benfield, Dean Goggin from Generali and Alan Wiley from Aon in New York. Paul Woodward and Stuart Keys join their colleagues from Tokio Marine and lastly it’s my pleasure to include an old mate and ex-Lloyds underwriter Steve Mitchell, who now lives in Phuket and owns a very nice guest house.

Alex Byatt is back after a year off, and we include 12 previous champions and many, many of you that have played the N&R FL for over a decade, maybe two, and one or two of you for even longer.

Good luck to you all.

Nobby’s week 1 in review

IMG_157731 goals for our N&R FL managers in the opening week of the PL with good points for Lukaku, Vokes and Mounie who I don’t think anyone picked, but one would assume will soon be on people’s wanted list.

Not so good for ‘keepers Hennessey, Schmeichel and Courtois. Few sendings off as well which will add to the minus points.

The season started on fire Friday night as Arsenal came from 2-1 and 3-2 down to claim the 3 points against Leicester thanks to the oft-derided Giroud. 6 more goals Saturday morning as Watford grabbed a point in a 3-3 draw with Liverpool, who I wasn’t impressed with.

Later Wayne Rooney made a dream return to Everton getting their winner at home to Stoke, Huddersfield Were having their own wet dream at Palace, who were shocking, and Burnley upset all the odds beating champions Chelsea. The Clarets were 3-0 up at half time. Cahill and Fabregas seeing red for the Blues.

Hegazy, bless me, was WBA’s scorer in their 1-0 win over Bournemouth, despite long resistance Man C finally broke down Brighton, back in the big time since 1983, 2-0 and on the south coast Saints and Swansea was goalless.

On Sunday Newcastle were holding their own until Shelvey walked and Alli and Davies gave Spurs the 3 points. Later to round off week 1 Man U hammered a woeful Hammers.

Friday 11th Aug
Arsenal 4-3 Leicester

Saturday 12th Aug
Watford 3-3 Liverpool
Chelsea 2-3 Burnley
C Palace 0-3 Huddersfield
Everton 1-0 Stoke
Southampton 0- Swansea
WBA 1-0 Bournemouth
Brighton 0-2 Man C

Sunday 13th Aug
Newcastle 0-2 Tottenham
Man U 4-0 West Ham

25 years of the Premier League

Harry RedknappManagerial changes in numbers

7 – The number of games Les Reed managed Charlton before he left in 2006.
810 – The number of games Sir Alex Ferguson took charge of Manchester United in the Premier League.
16 – Mauricio Pellegrino is Southampton’s 16th permanent manager in the Premier League.
641 – Harry Redknapp is the English manager to oversee the most Premier League games.