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You will have 12 opportunities to change any individuals in your team. All transfers emailed to me by 6.00pm each Tuesday, will obtain the points gained by those players as published on the Wednesday of the following week.

Points are scored in all League and FA cup games as follows:

Clean Sheet (full match): 5 points
Clean Sheet (part match): 2 points

In order to earn a full clean sheet bonus (5 points), your player must complete at least 60 minutes of the match and his team must keep a clean sheet for the entire match (excluding penalty shoot-outs). If a player is on the pitch for less than 60 minutes and his team keeps a clean sheet for the full match, he’ll score a part clean sheet bonus (2 points)

Penalty Save: 5 points
First goal conceded: 0 points
Each extra goals conceded: -1 point

All players
Appearance in starting XI: 2 points
Appearance as substitute: 1 point
Goal scored (ex pen shootout): 5 points
Key contribution to goal/Assist: 3 points
Red Card: -3 points
Yellow Card: -1 points
Penalty missed: -5 points
Own Goal: -3 points

Team Format
Max spending limit is GBP50m.

Your team must be in a 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 3-4-3, 5-3-2, 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 formation and you can also change between formations during the season. There is no limit to how many players you can have from each team.

A full list of players is available on request and we advise you to keep an eye on The Daily Telegraph for a weekly updated list as transfers happen.

Players start scoring points from the start of the season and the first results will be sent out on or around the Wednesday after the opening weekend and then weekly thereafter.

The absolute deadline for entries is 5pm on Friday 11th August – ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

Team Name
Nobby & Ready have the right to name a manager’s team if you forget to add it to the entry form.

Prize money will be announced later in the season depending on the number of entries.

League Format
There are three divisions, creatively named the N&R Premier League, N&R Championship and N&R Conference.

These will continue to be based on the previous season’s promotion and relegation. There will be promotion and relegation again this coming season.

N&R Blog Newsletter
As always all the best bits will be on the blog, to be found at I will update as often as possible, with the scores being issued every week.

The entry fee is GBP30 or USD40 per team.

Payment of 2017/18 entry money
In the past Nobby & Ready have had to subsidize the payments. Please get the GBP30 or USD40 to either Nobby or Ready before the end of September 2014. Ideally please transfer the entry money into Nobby’s bank account (details on request). We will also accept cash or cheque. Failure to meet this deadline will result in expulsion from the league. Again there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

GBP30 or USD50 will be deducted from any 2016/17 winnings.

Entry form
Please email your team by using the entry form. I will accept a list of players, their prices and positions as long as they comply with the above rules.

My email address is

Ready’s email address is

Any questions then call me on 1 441 5040215 or Keith on 07469 856007

The very best of luck

Nobby & Ready


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